You can find some links about my favorite filmmakers or their films on my Filmmakers page. The rest is here:


  Some of the best places to go:

Fred Camper - Fred Camper's extensive writing on narrative and avant-garde film (and art), with a very valuable list of great filmmakers. The Trouble with Video article explains some of the reasons why I very rarely watch films on DVD.

Tag Gallagher - One of the greatest people who write on film. Everything here is worth reading, especially Reading, Culture, and Auteurs, one of the best articles I've ever read about cinema. His Rossellini biography is incredible.

The Film-makers' Cooperative - The coop has one of the largest archives of avant-garde film and its catalogue has descriptions on many great films, usually by the filmmakers themselves. It's worth reading like a book... (the same is true for Canyon Cinema's web site)

Frameworks - An avant-garde film/video mailing list that has lots of technical information and discussion of films. The complete archive since January 2002 is available and searchable on the web.

a_film_by - An auteurist film discussion group. You can search the archives more easily by clicking here and entering what you're looking for, it has every post until June 2005, since when the quality declined substantially. Fred Camper posted some unbelievable stuff over the years...

Richard Foreman - One of the best things happening in the world that I know of is Foreman's plays in New York. If you happen to be there, make sure you see his current play.

Nizkor Project - Dedicated to the 12 million victims of the Holocaust.

The Rest is Noise - Alex Ross' extensive writing on great music, especially modern.

On the Persistence of Vision - Read about some important misunderstandings on how the illusion of movement is created on our brains. The common explanation is wrong, it is NOT the persistence of vision or the after-images. The Grand Illusions site has lots of interesting stuff on optical illusions.

Richard Dawkins Online - A (r)evolutionary biologist... He explains and furthers the fact of evolution better than anybody else I know. His writing is breathtaking, poetic, and convincing. If you have any doubts about evolution, start reading The Selfish Gene. I did not understand how evolution really worked or its implications until discovering Dawkins. Using the words of one my favorite professors in school, Oliver Hockenhull, "evolution is about identity."

Ronit Meranda - My sister's website has her videos, some of which I really like.

RE:VOIR - The video distributer's name tells all about how much they care about the films and their aesthetic value.

Internet Movie Database - A very useful source of information


  Where to find links on cinema:

Ocular Loci - Thanks to Jason Guthartz for compiling such a good list of links on films, filmmakers

Flicker is an unbelievable source, its links page is so good you should not spend any more time on my own.

Links from Senses of Cinema

Links on filmmakers, their bios, etc. compiled by Film and Video Art students at Western Connecticut State University

a_film_by links


  Good Writing on film:

Mike Grost - One of the rare serious film criticism sites on the web

Insane Mute - Chris Fujiwara's great writings. I love this essay on zoom.

Elusive Lucidity - Zach Campbell, who also has a blog, found the best name for a web site about film.

The Film Journal

Senses of Cinema

Sight & Sound

David Bordwell's Site

Bright Lights Film Journal

Andrew Sarris at New York Observer


  Blogs I try to follow:

As perfect as it can be... - Edo Choi's Blog - Dave Kehr's Blog

Dostlara Selam - Ekrem Serdar Ekrem's Blog

Elusive Lucidity - Zach Campbell's Blog

motion within motion - K. A. Westphal's Blog. His blog's title is another great definition of cinema. - Jonathan Rosenbaum's Blog

Critic After Dark - Noel Vera's Blog

Kendini İfşa Eden Muamma? - The blog's title means "An unknown that reveals itself". To me it sounds like a great definition of life, or art.

cruelite - Is it an ode to Tom Cruise? A crazed potato? Or just a cruel illusion?

More than Meets the Mogwai - Aaron W. Graham's Blog

No More Marriages! - Andy Horbal's Blog


  Places to see great films in Istanbul, where I live:


  Places to see great films Chicago, check Chicago Reader's listings to see what's playing this week and/or click here to read Jason Guthartz's suggestions:


  Places to see great films in New York:


  Super 8


  Great places to visit:

AskART - Huge number of paintings from American artists

Jahsonic - "A website exploring the boundaries, bridges and intersections of culture.", even has information on avant-garde film.

Bolex - Lots of stuff to read on Bolex 16mm cameras

Eren's photos at Flickr - If you'd like to have a glimpse of Istanbul

Science, Optics & You - Lots of scientific info on lots of stuff, especially visit the Powers of Ten section

Uni. of Texas Map Collection - Lots of interesting maps, including ones about current events

Merriam-Webster - My favorite English dictionary/thesaurus online

ARTFL Project - French-English translation

Web Teacher - If you want to start a web site all you need is this website and to get Macromedia Dreamweaver.

How Stuff Works - Lots of info on how stuff works



Representative Poetry - French poems
Turkish Poetry - Poems and translations, hosted by Sibel Adali. You can find translations of my two favorite Turkish poets, Orhan Veli and Nazim Hikmet. Read them in Turkish if you can, of course.
Cosma Shalizi's Poetry Page - Has good taste
Complete Shakespeare

Absolute Shakespeare - All kinds of info on Shakespeare
Michael McClure Home Page
T.S. Eliot's Waste Land as hypertext
Ezra Pound's Canto LXXXI as hypertext



It May All End Tomorrow - A comprehensive site on one of my favorite bands, The Smiths and its lead singer Morrissey.
Eric Satie Home Page - Articles, Manuscripts, Samples, etc.
Mondo Irlando - Aaron McMullan has one of the coolest and most personal sites on the web, I like what he writes on Babyshambles and his hilarious podcasts.


  Where I get my news, usually:

BBC News
New York Times
International Herald Tribune
- in Turkish
Haaretz Daily


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